HMP Low Moss | 2018


Image made collaboratively with Willie.

Collage made by Jamie: "The past is the past. The present is now. the future is progress, time is patience".

This image was made with Jamie. Images such as this one began as technical exercises but became explorations of creative action within a confined space. Many images feature everyday objects, which take on new meanings in the context of the prison.

Using cardboard frames to re-frame classic images during discussions.

Collage by Willie.

Camera obscura constructed inside the prison learning centre.

I worked at HMP Low Moss for five months leading photography workshops once a week. Activities included discussion and reframing of existing images, cyanotypes, building a camera obscura, collage, photographing still life, macro photography and capturing movement. As learners could not be photographed identifiably, we photographed them from behind and then used these images (or outlines taken from them) to create images that placed them in an imaginary landscape representing their past, present or future. We brought these pieces together to create an exhibition inside the prison for the Year of the Young Person.

Many thanks to Fife College and the Learning Centre at Low Moss for their support with this project.