Tank Trap | Visual Arts Award | 2011

Work about the WW2 Tank Traps that line the coast of East Lothian. Over the course of a year I repeatedly returned to Aberlady Bay, finding ways to approach these monuments to an invasion that never happened. Using a pinhole camera I created large-scale panoramas which I juxtaposed with graphite rubbings taken from the blocks.

Border Work | Nogales/Arivaca | 2011

Working with activists from the organization No More Deaths, I began puzzling through what role the camera can possibly play in such an urgent humanitarian situation. The project was exhibited at Out of the Blue in Edinburgh, and the Phoenix Gallery in Brighton.

Winterless Skies | 2009

This project was inspired by the Victorian craze for plant collection. Within their orderly, scientifically categorized glasshouses, plants grow to a jungle-like thickness. Condensation and mould blur the glass. The natural world never quite fits the structures we create for it. This project was supported by a Bursary from Arts Trust Scotland.